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In a White Room

Blue and white rooms are classic and timeless.

All right, I admit it. I don't care much for the “white room” décor. “Oh!” people say, “they look so clean, so fresh, so serene.” Yes, like a white sheet on the clothesline, or an operating room.

What else, I ask you, does a white room offer? Some say that a white room is the perfect backdrop for art. I beg to differ. These museums have saturated color, and the art shows perfectly well. The Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian has rose walls. At the Louvre, one gallery is deep crimson; the other medium green. These curators know how to use color in a dramatic way to show off their artworks. Don't you agree?

Serenity. Do we really, truly need white walls to feel serene and calm? Some people may, although I feel cold and detached in a white room. Look closely, and imagine yourself in both the bedroom and living room.

Picture yourself alone or with your family and friends in this living room, reading, watching TV, or entertaining. Are you comfortable, or do you worry about dirty footprints or spilled drinks?

Would you enjoy reading in bed here, or chatting with your mate on a lazy Saturday morning? Would you be comfortable in either white room? You might. Everyone has different tastes.

Now look at theses two rooms, each with a décor using color.

Blue and white rooms are classic and timeless. And, there's a snuggle factor that the all white bedroom does not have. It feels warm and cozy...a room you could laze about in for hours.

This living room, from House Beautiful, has warm, terra cotta colored walls, soft color in the upholstery and some painted furniture. Besides its engaging colors it has, because it is beautifully arrranged, an inviting ambience. This room envelopes and loves you; it's a room you'd fill with friends for wonderful discussions and to enjoy your favorite beverages and snacks.

I ask you to engage not only your eyes, but to consider your heart and gut feelings as well as you look at all these pictures. Which of these rooms makes your heart sing and makes you feel welcome? Which rooms would you really like to live in for years and years?

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