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6 Smart Ways to Add Sparkle to your Home

Does your home sparkle and glow? Does it need a healthy dose of cheery brightness and some bling?

  1. Bright: Many rooms are under-illuminated. TV glow is not a light! Dark areas will benefit from a floor lamp. An uplight under a potted silk tree adds a bit of drama. Make certain your table lamp is the right height for reading. Create instant mood light with dimmer switches. And definitely avoid relying on harsh ceiling lights.
  2. Cheery: Add a jolt of color with a small painted table—red works with almost any scheme. A vividly colored accent throw on a sofa adds warmth.
  3. Sparkle: Add vivacity to your room with a mirror, or a grouping of mirrors, on the wall. Glass or crystal accessories on a table in front of the window will glitter like diamonds.
  4. Shine: Open your blinds or pull your curtains back with pretty tassel tiebacks. Light streaming in your windows will change the feel of your room dramatically.
  5. Bling: Create reflection with glazed pottery, shiny metals, or mercury glass accessories artfully arranged on occasional tables or shelves.
  6. Glow: Add a new carpet or an area rug in stunning colors—a brilliant addition. By the way, circular rugs are very now!

Whether you make just one of these changes, or several, you are sure to see your living area in a cheerful new light.

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